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Well Begun But Not Done: Life From Here to Him
Pastor Rumley presents messages from 1st and 2nd Thessalonians in the Morning Worship Service.
Pastor Rumley presents messages from Jeremiah in the Evening Worship Service.
August 18, 2019 18
Aug 2019

Fruit of the Ministry Pride#2

Speaker: John Runley / Comments: 0

  The Fruit of ministry pride: 1. The symptom: lawsuits. 6:1, 6:8 2. The problem: inability. 6:2-5 a. Believers pursue righteousness. 6:2-4 b. Believers have true wisdom 6:5 3. The cause: puffed up! 4:18-20, 5:1   What to do? 1. Develop accountability / responsibility to and for each other. 2. […]

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